Egyptian Architects Published!!

Hooray!  Egyptian Architects Kickstarter campaign successfully funded!  What great news!  Thanks to everyone who supported the project, it means a lot to me!

I’ve already ordered the games, had them arrive, and shipped them back out to backers!  I was able to order some extra games which are now available for sale.  There is a PayPal option to buy the games over on the Egyptian Architects page (slightly better deal), and also on Amazon.  The game is $12 plus shipping, or $14 for the game with the gods card expansion (only available on the Egyptian Architects page).

Thanks again for everyone’s support!

Kickstarter Underway

Sorry for the late update, but our first Kickstarter for Egyptian Architects is well underway!  We funded the printing in a little over 25 hours and we’re closing in our first stretch goal!  Go check it out!

New Website Design

Hello everyone!  We’ve updated the website to a new design.  The hope is that this new format will let the website be more easily updated in the future.  I’ve put in various scripts so that the website will auto-format for me, so while it was additional work up front to get the web page to look right, in the future it will be much easier to updated and add content to the website!